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Practise Between Lessons
Some people may be lucky enough to have a vehicle to practise in between lessons. If you are in this position, there are several things you need to know before you can do so.

1: In order to drive on your provisional license, you must be accompanied by another person who has held a full UK license for at least three years, and they must be at least 21 years old.

2: You will need to purchase L plates to let other drivers know that you are still learning. This is a safety issue, as well as a legal requirement. We recommend L plates with a full magnetic backing, as they are less likely to fall off!
You can buy L plates from our driving shop.

3: If you are practising between lessons and need insurance, we recommend Marmalade Insurance.

You can take a free practise theory test provided by the DVSA by clicking here.
What People Say
"Learning with Otto was the best. He's so calm and keeps you so relaxed, and cares so much in helping you pass and making sure your the best driver you can be! Would highly recommend, if I had to learn again I wouldn't go with anyone else!! Thankyou so much Otto!"
- Hannah D
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