Areas covered include Crawley, Horsham, Horley, Gatwick, Pease Pottage, Cuckfield.
07500 909 319
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: "How can I pay for my lessons?"
A: Cash or cheque are preferred, but we do accept bank transfers for block bookings.
Q: "Do you work on evenings or weekends?"
A: Yes. We are very flexible with working times, starting at 9am and finishing at 10pm.
Q: "How soon can I start my lessons?"
A: Whilst we usually maintain a full diary, we will endeavor to get you started at your earliest convenience.
Q: "How many lessons do I need to take before I can book a test?"
A: The national average shows that most students need 40-50 hours of tuition to get ready for their practical test, but it depends on each student's individual aptitude.
Q: "What do I need to have before I can start taking driving lessons?"
A: You will need to apply for your provisional license, which you can do here. All students will need to complete a basic eyesight check before their first lesson. After your first lesson, you will not need to do another eyesight test or produce your license again until the day of your test.
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